Activate on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Smart TV

This article will cover how to Install and Activate Spectrum TV on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV and also on Chromecast using Follow the instructions to the end to learn more.


Spectrum TV is an American Over-The-Top (OTT) television (internet service) that is owned by Charter Communications. On Spectrum TV people also enjoy Live TV and currently it provides around 300 Live TV Channels and around 30,000 TV Shows. Now Let’s see how to activate and install the same on different streaming devices via

Supporting Devices of Spectrum TV:

  • Roku (1, 2, 3, 4 streaming players, Roku Express, Roku Express +, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere +, Roku Ultra Streaming players or Roku Streaming Stick Excluding first and second generation devices)
  • Samsung Smart TV (Model 2012 years or higher)
  • Android Devices (All Tablets and Phones having Android 5.0 or Higher)
  • Amazon Fire TV (All Kindle Fire models expect for the First Generation Kindle Fire)
  • Xbox One (All Versions)
  • Chromecast (All Google Chromecast devices)

Steps to Create an Account on Spectrum TV

Being a new username you need to create an account on using your personal credentials like Name, Phone Number, Email Address etc. Below given steps will clear your doubts and give you a brief about the same.

  1. Using any device having an Internet Connection go to the webpage of Spectrum.
  2. Choose the Select option, enter either Phone Number or Email Address.
  3. In the next step select and verify that you are not a robot.
  4. Now on the next page, enter the Activation code you have received either on your Phone Number or Email Address.
  5. On the next page enter the details such as Name, Phone Number and Email Address etc.
  6. At the end Create a strong password for your Spectrum TV account, make sure to remember that password tip: write that password somewhere.
  7. You are done with your task, Your account has been created.

Activate Spectrum TV on Roku via

  • First of all, after turning on the streaming device, head towards the Roku Channel Store.
  • Once on the Channel Store, Go to the search bar and there with the help of a virtual keyboard enter the name of the application Spectrum TV.
  • On getting desired results, hit the Add Channel option.
Add Channel Spectrum TV on Roku
  • Now the app of Spectrum TV has been installed in the streaming device.
  • Hit the Home button and open the newly installed application to get the Activation Code.
  • To move ahead pick up another device like phone or computer and visit to enter the Activation code and hit the “Submit” button.
Enter the code display on your TV and click submit
  • When prompted, enter the Login credentials and Activation Code of Spectrum TV via virtual keyboard, and follow the necessary on screen instructions.
  • Point to be noted: If you use Spectrum as your Internet Service Provider then it will automatically be Login otherwise it will prompt to enter the login credentials.
  • At the end click on the Accept Option to enjoy the channels and shows.

Activate Spectrum TV on Apple TV

  1. Turn on the device and go to the App Store, to download the application on your device.
  2. In the App Store look for the search bar tab, enter the name of the application Spectrum TV and hit Get option to install the same on Apple TV.
  3. Once the application is installed on your device hit the device to Launch the same on your streaming device.
  4. After it gets launched you will get an Activation Code, now using another device visit
  5. In the newly opened page enter the Activation code received earlier to start enjoying Spectrum TV channels on your streaming device.

Activate Spectrum TV on Fire TV/ Stick

  1. Once the device has been turned on, go to the Amazon App Store.
  2. In the search bar click on the virtual keyboard to enter the name of the application to download the same on your streaming device.
  3. Enter the name Spectrum TV and press the Install option to download the same.
  4. Once the said application has been installed in the streaming device.
  5. Click on the same to complete the installation process. After that again click on the application to Launch it.
  6. Enter the Activation code on URL and click to “Submit” button.
  7. Following the above stated steps in algorithm order will successfully end the installation process in your streaming device.

Activate Spectrum TV Xbox using

Follow these steps to installing and activate Spectrum TV on Xbox One device.

  1. Turn on the Xbox One and login to your Xbox One Live account via username and password.
  2. Once the Live account gets opened, locate the App section. In that app section look for the Spectrum TV out of the mentioned list.
  3. Tap on the desired application to Install the same on your streaming device, To install tick on the Confirm to agree option to proceed.
  4. As soon as the app gets installed it will display under my Games and Apps section.
  5. Now tap on the Spectrum TV app to login, enter the login credentials and if you do not have yet, create one by following the steps given above.
  6. Once you have launched the App, An Activation code will be prompted on the screen. Save that code for future use.
  7. To proceed ahead go to the browser and enter
  8. Follow the screen guidelines and enter the Activation code in the given space and click to Submit.
  9. Agree to the Authentication of your subscription service, then you are good to stream Spectrum TV channels.

Cast Spectrum TV on Chromecast

  1. First of all make sure that Chromecast and your device are connected to the same WiFi.
  2. After that install the Spectrum TV application on your device TV or Smartphones via App Store or Play Store.
  3. Now, tap on the Spectrum TV and play any video, while playing the video you will get an option Cast, click on that cast option.
  4. On clicking on the same you will get a list of Chromecast devices, out of those lists select your devices.
  5. Doing this will display the video on your Chromecast Device.

Activate Spectrum TV on Samsung Smart TV at

  1. On the Home Screen navigate to the Samsung App Store by going to the Smart Hub option listed on its remote or manually.
  2. After that if prompted enter the Login credentials of your Samsung Account.
  3. Following this, in the search bar enter the name of the application Spectrum TV and download the same in the said streaming device. 
  4. Once the app is installed two options will be prompted, first Open Second, Add to homepage. Using the prior option App will open instantly and using the other option the app will pin to the homepage, so that you can open the same anytime on Samsung TV.
  5. Launching the app will give you an unique Activation code make sure to preserve that code. 
  6. From another device visit and enter the Activation code in the given space.
  7. At the end click on the App to open it and now enter the Spectrum TV login credentials to enjoy the channels and shows of it.

Activate the Spectrum TV App on Android TV

The steps to activate the Spectrum U app on your android device are super easy and take only a few minutes. So, let’s just get started.

Install Spectrum TV App on Android TV
  1. Visit the Play store on your Smart TV’s Home Screen.
  2. Go to the search bar, type Spectrum TV/Spectrum U app, and download it.
  3. Wait for the installation to finish after downloading the application.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your Spectrum U account information as soon as you launch the app.
  5. An activation code will be provided to you after inputting the information.
  6. From another device, go to and enter the activation code where it asks for it.
  7. Activate your service by logging into your Spectrum account. Ensure that the code has at least 6 digits.
  8. The Spectrum TV is now available on your Smart TV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How can I contact Spectrum TV customer support?

To contact customer service of the Spectrum TV via live chat, over the phone. Follow below given steps or visit Call 1-833-267-6094. Use the Internet support page or TV Support Page.

Q. How to resolve the WiFi connectivity issue in Spectrum TV?

  1. Firstly, try to reboot the network.
  2. Unplug your Spectrum TV from the modem.
  3. Unplug any cords or wire connected with the SpectrumTV from modem and router
  4. Wait for 1 minute.
  5. Now replug the entire cords or wire with the modem.

Q. Where can I find my previous provider’s ETF(Early Termination Fees) for submission?
You get the same among the list of your previous bills, As bills without an ETF will not be accepted. So make sure to mention the ETF before submitting your bill.

Q. Why can’t I activate the Spectrum TV app on Fire TV?

You’re unable to activate the Spectrum TV app on your Fire TV as it is not compatible with this device. But, there is one way to activate it on your device. You can activate it by installing an APK.