Complete Guide to Activate Rauten Viki on Roku via

The unparallel popularity of Korean culture has almost become a global phenomenon. Though compared to western dramas, Korean dramas aren’t much popular, you can still find several websites to stream Korean dramas online safely. Rakuten Viki is the first one to top the list. Available in most countries as one of the best streaming websites for Korean or K-drama activate the service via

Prerequisites to activate Viki

Available in most countries and regions, if you have either of the supported streaming device like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, or Fire TV, keep the below prerequisites handy. However, to activate the service preferably on your Roku via, ensure you have the following prerequisites.

  • A reliable internet connection
  • An upgraded streaming device
  • A second device (phone/pc) for accessing the Viki activation page
  • Viki account credentials

Add and Activate Viki on Roku via

If you own any Roku model with OS 9 and above, note that the Rakuten Viki app is no longer available for direct download from the Roku channel store. Though direct download was available till 2018. The channel was, however, removed later from the Roku Channel Store. But you can still install the Viki channel on Roku and stream all of the Viki content on Roku. 

To add the Rakuten Viki app on Roku

You can quickly look at the installation steps:

1. To get started with the installation process, first sign in to your Roku account from a browser of your choice on any of your devices.

2. Go to Manage Account and tap on the Add Channel with a Code option.

3. Type to search for vikiglobaltv. Select the Viki app from the listed search results.

4. Check the warning message and tap on OK.

5. Now switch on the Roku player and move to Systems under the Settings menu.

6. Select the System Update option and tap on Check Now.

7. Now, that Viki is installed, launch the applicationon Roku.

To activate the Viki on Roku

You can quickly look at the activation steps below:

1. From the main screen, navigate to the Streaming Channels section on your Roku device.


2. Next, type to search for the Viki TV app.


3. Select the app from the listed search results and tap the Add channel button to start the installation process.

4. Launch the Viki app upon installing it on Roku and Select Go to Channel.


5. Now select the Sign in to continue option. 

6. You’ll receive a five-digit activation code link on your TV screen.

7. Copy or save it and navigate to the activation page via from a computer or mobile browser.

five-digit activation code on Viki

8. Tap to Log in using your account credentials (email address & password).

9. Once you enter the code displayed on your TV, click Link Now to begin the process.

enter code and Link Now

10. Within a few seconds, your TV screen will update and direct you to the Viki app.

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Troubleshoot Viki not working on Roku

Like many other applications, you may often experience the Viki not working error on Roku. To make sure this doesn’t bother your Viki streaming experience on Roku, you may check out the following troubleshooting tips below:

  • Sign out from your account. Additionally, uninstall the application to reinstall it on your device.
  • Now turn off to turn on your Roku player again
  • Now log back into your Viki account again 

Does the issue with the Viki app persist? Here is some information you may find useful:

  • The current version of the Viki app you are using. You can find this information in the app settings.
  • The model number of your Roku device 
  • Your current location /region
  • Carefully note if any specific movies or episodes are causing the issue while streaming.

Final Words

Asian/Korean dramas have become a popular cultural product. The reason behind this popularity is the underlying themes. Love, family values etc are used in such dramas to create a sense of normalcy. So, are you a die-hard fan searching for the best Korean drama websites? Viki is one of them. Download and activate the app via today. 

Frequently Asked Questions -(FAQs) 

Have questions about Viki activation on Roku? Check out our compiled list of FAQs below:

Q. If I am a new user, how do I create a new Viki account?

If you’re a new Viki user? You can sign up for a Viki account using the steps below:

  • Read and accept Viki’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy 
  • Enter your date of birth to verify if you meet the minimum legal criteria of 13 years of age. 
  • Once created, ensure to verify your email.

Q. Is Viki free on Roku?

Viki is a free-to-download application. You can download and access some of its content for free. But to enjoy more of Viki’s library, you may check out a variety of plans available for Roku users. Choose and pick any that sounds best to you!

  • Basic – Comes for $0.99/ month with a 7-day free trial (Ads-Free, HD quality)
  • Standard – Comes for$4.99/ month, $49.99/ annum with a 7-day free trial (Ads-Free, HD quality, compatible with Chromecast)
  • Plus – Comes for$9.99/ month, $99.99/ annum (with Kocowa app access)

Q. Can I watch Korean dramas on my Roku player?

Yes, you can easily install and access various streaming services, like Viki, Netflix, etc., on Roku and stream unlimited Korean series, dramas and on-demand videos. 

Q.  How do I write & read a Timed Comment on Roku?

You can write Timed Comments on various streaming devices like Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV including Roku. You can even access this feature via web and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Q. Why do I often see the “You seem to be using a VPN or Proxy” error? 

The error message indicates that you are using a VPN, proxy, or unblocker service to access the Viki app. Within a permitted region, you can try connecting your regular internet connection without a VPN/Proxy/Unblocker service.

Q. Can I access Viki anywhere if I own a Viki Skill pass?

Viki Pass is a subscription service that offers you exclusive Viki ads-free and HD content but access to geo-blocked or regionally restricted content is not included within the Pass. If a show is regionally restricted within your region, it is not accessible even if you have the Viki Pass.

Q. How do I access Viki if it’s restricted in my region? 

Much of Viki content including Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese dramas is bound by licensing restrictions. Varying licensing restrictions deals in different countries restrict access to those content. If you fall within one of those restricted regions, you would not be able to access or watch those restricted content(s).

Q. Can I change the language of the Viki application?

The language of your Viki app is linked with your device language. If you want to change it anytime to set your desired language, please follow these steps according to your device:

On iOS

If you don’t have an alternative keyboard language installed:

  • Delete the Viki app and go to the device’s Settings > General Language & Region
  • Change your iPhone Language to your desired language
  • Download the Viki app again. This will now display the Viki App in your desired language.

If you have an alternative keyboard language installed:

  • From the device’s Settings > Viki
  • Select to change your Preferred Language
  • Reopen the Viki app

On Android

  • Navigate to your device’s Settings > General Management Language
  • Choose the desired language, which you prefer to be used for your device’s menus and stock apps
  • Hold the language icon (arrow) and drag it to the top of the menu
  • Close and relaunch the Viki app. This step will change your Viki App language to your desired language. If the changes aren’t reflected, delete and reinstall the app.