How to Stream and Activate Twitch TV on Roku


Guess which channel was responsible for most accumulation of internet traffic in USA in 2018? Yes, you are correct! It is none other than Twitch tv. Supposedly, Twitch is America based platform which has bull’s eye on video games live streaming. Apart from streaming fun video games, you are also getting a taste of music, shows and other content. When such platform is in talks, how can we leave Roku Tv? Being a versatile device, roku tv actually lets you stream Twitch Tv (unofficial one called twoku). How wonderful does that sound? This piece of content will tell you “how to activate Twitch on roku device” using

Twitch TV has been created by Amazon and it covers worldwide area. So not only you will be interacting with similar faces but also different races and background. Also, twitch tv is always 10 steps ahead of its market competitors. Why we are suggesting that to you? Considered on the top bar of its category, twitch tv always has something new for gamers, video streamers. Excitement is always your gift when you subscribe to twitch Tv.

In this journey of getting Twitch Tv, we will also tell you “reasons” to download Twitch Tv . Also, now let’s find out advantages of Roku Tv and afterwards the steps to activate your favourite channel.

How Is Roku TV Different For Streaming Twitch TV?

Roku Tv comes in seven variations and that is the reason it doesn’t disappoints. It has something to present for everyone. Moreover, many people start their tv interaction journey with roku devices because the tv is user friendly to extreme. In the end, it is best for streaming Twitch (Reprised one – Twoku) live and on demand games.

You must not be knowing but there is one more secret advantage that roku has! What is that? It saves a lot on your pocket. How? Its subscription prices are lowest considering a wholesome quality you are receiving. Quality of picture, quality of supported equipment, quality of useability and what not else! Just imagine the quality you will experience while playing line of duty or live chess.

Roku device gets a “Yay” from our side because why not? Now that you have made up your mind on Roku device, it’s time to check on Twitch tv activation process.

Activate Twitch TV on Roku via

This activation process is really simple and will not take hours to be completed.

  • Set up your Roku device by connecting your device with Tv. In this process you will use HDMI Port.
  • To make sure that the activation process is fast, connect your Roku setup and personal device to same internet connection.
  • Next, enter in your Roku account by using your credentials. Once you are done logging in, navigate to the home screen using your remote.
  • Believing that you are on your home tab, go the search option and fix in the words “Official Twitch Television”. (There was one older version which has been put down by amazon).
  • Next click on the channel name. Now download and install your channel or app like any other application. You will be asked to launch the channel so do it.
  • After launching the Twitch app an activation code box will be presented on your television screen. Write the code or remember it (will be entered later).
  • Now make use of your phone and go to the browser (Do a check that excess tabs are not open). Type in the link
  • Moving further, you have to enter in your personal code or activation code in the space you are asked to. Click on “Continue” or “Next”. Wait for few seconds the application with an icon will appear on your Roku TV. Hope to see your happy mode on with switching on the Twitch application.

The good thing about this guide is even if you accidentally skip a step, you don’t have to start again. You can easily check on the steps again and work on that one missed step. Also, like mentioned before, you have to type the official twitch channel (twoku). There is a mistake that many people do – they use wrong spelling or name of the channel. By doing this, you will get stuck in the middle of the activation process.  Make sure you don’t skip the link

Last But Not the Least…

Even if twitch tv is known for live and on demand live streaming, you should not skip the perks of other type of content like reality tv shows, wonderful music etc. After all, if you are getting such magnified quality screen of Roku, why should any type of content be left behind? Enjoy your free time communicating, interacting and at the same time playing what you love the most.

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