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Syfy owned by NBC Network is a top-notch channel watched approx. in 93 million households in America. You must be thinking what different does it offers? Apart from disseminating a lot of different genre content, Syfy Entertainment has made its name with the fantastic genres of science fiction, horror and fantasy world. If you are someone who digs supernatural thrillers then Syfy is “The It Channel” for you. This is a guide that will inform you on how to install SYFY on various digital platforms by just one link

Apart from all this one can even watch the originals of WWE to hit that nostalgic note in the heads especially in this time of pandemic. Syfy has something to offer for the anime fans (believed to be millions) too because it has collaborated with manga entertainment.

Before we go deep in the installation journey of Syfy channel on diverse media platforms, here is rundown of popular category content. In this way you won’t miss on shows and movies as soon as you activate Syfy via

Rundown Of Specialized Content

Movies: In the amazing library of movies come “Black Widow” , “The Suicide Squad”, “The Conjuring Universe” .

Comics: There is an entire section of comics you can happily read Marvel and DC exclusive updates which surely you won’t get anywhere else.

Top 10: This section is particularly fantastic because there is gathered info on top movies. In this way you don’t have to go to google search for top movies.

Now that you know what will be available to you, let’s move to “How” you can get it. First we will see how you can get syfy channel on your Roku device and then we will move to other devices.

Activate SYFY on Roku Device at activate/activatenbcu Code

Roku has diverse range of roku sticks – Roku Express, Roku Express 4K, Roku Premier, Roku Streaming Stick and Roku Stream bar – you can even upgrade your current setup. Having this vast category of devices, users will ultimately feel blessed because there is something for everyone.

In addition, you are getting rich coloured screen and High-definition quality. Through this kind of watching experience, users won’t be able to forget what they have watched. Not taking more of your time, let’s introduce you to steps for activating Syfy channel via

  • Prepare your Roku device to get started. Once you have switched it on, check whether your internet connection is stable (entire activation process depends on it).
  • Using the Roku remote home button, move one step ahead by going to home screen.
  • After you are on the home screen, navigate for Streaming channels > Search Channels that you can see on the left side.
  • Start Entering the SYFY app using the on-screen keyboard. You will be immediately taken to the channel.
search channel name
  • After Searching the channel Select ADD Channel and click to the OK button.
  • Now that you can see the channel name, proceed further with installing and downloading the app. Click on Go to Channel and Launch the application on your device.
  • It might prompt you to sign in. You can expect an activation code after you are done signing in. Note down that activation code.
  • Using a different device, like (phone or computer device) and access the above given link on it The link will take you to adding your activation code. Enter your activation code in the asked white space.
enter your activation code to activate Syfy on Roku
  • Tap the “continue” button. Now select your TV provider to complete the installation process.

One thing is sure, you will binge watch a lot of things as syfy has some distinctive shows and movies. You will crave for more and be fulfilled each time.

Now it’s time to get excited about installing Syfy Application on the wonderful Apple Tv.

Activate Syfy on Apple TV at activate/activatenbcu


“More original than ever” that’s the tag line of Apple tv and viewers are here exactly for that type of assurance. As a matter of fact, everyone looks for crisp picture quality. Apple Tv gives its viewers exactly that by original experience. By original experience, we mean that you will feel you are part of a movie like “Hellboy” and “Chucky”.

Just so that you can chill and binge-watch, we have listed steps for activating Syfy on Apple Tv.

  • You already know how to start the process. First setup your device in a convenient manner by switching on the Apple TV device and making sure every connection is perfect.
  • Go to apple store and type in the words “Syfy”, you will get to see the channel and then move towards downloading and installing your admired channel.
  • After installing launch the channel (will take few seconds). Once the launching takes place, go the syfy icon and you have to log in.
  • Once you are logged in successfully, a distinct looking code will be right there on your television screen. You have to remember the code.
  • Now you have to take charge of 2nd device in which you will open a browser. Type or copy a link “”. Further on, you have to add activation code to the space you are asked to.
  • Click on “Continue”. Congratulations your channel is now here to be your friend on boring days.

Looking forward in this journey, let’s move towards installation for Amazon Fire Tv.

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Activate SYFY on Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick


Amazon fire tv has multiple qualities that make the user experience better each time of using it. With timely updates it is close to perfection when we talk about picture authenticity.

  • Now believing you have set up your Fire Tv device, switch on your device and navigate to the specialized Amazon App Store using your supported remote.
  • After the first step, write in the name of the channel on the search bar.
  • The app will appear on your screen in no time, you have to click on “Add”. The next step is debuting the app on the device.
  • As soon as you will launch the favourite app, you will be introduced with an activation code. Take note of the special code and preserve it for future use.
  • Now go the feasible browser and type or copy the link
  • You will be prompted to type in the activation code which you previously got. After you are done with the activation code work, click on “Continue” button.
  • Soon after your syfy channel will be present with unlimited entertainment and fun.

How to Activate SYFY on XBOX One/ Series X

Syfy is the best app to catch up on the most recent season of your favorite shows. Follow the complete steps to watch and activate Syfy on XBOX One.

  • Go to the XBOX home screen and open the Microsoft store.
  • Type SYFY on the search bar option.
  • Click on the SYFY app icon and install it.
  • After completing the installation you will receive an activation code on your TV screen.
  • Open any web browser from another device mobile and pc and type or
  • After opening the URL enter the activation code in the box and click the “Continue” button.
  • Wait a few seconds, the screen will refresh and you can watch SYFY content on your XBOX device.

Frequently Asked Question – (FAQ’s)

Q. How can I get your site on the go?

A. Yes! The SYFY app is available for many devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, Fire Stick, Roku, Xbox, iOS and Android device.

Q. How to Download Syfy App on any device

A. You can check out here how to Install Syfy App on your device via

Q. Way to Sign Up Syfy App

A. You can sign up Syfy app via Email, Gmail account, Facebook account and Apple account.

Q. Can I watch full episodes without the SYFY App?

A. Yes, you can watch full episode at on your desktop computer. You need to must log in through your TV provider.

Q. Do I have to create a new account?

A. You will not need to create a new account. If you have already username and password from your TV provider.

Q. Can I watch SYFY on XBOX Series X|S

A. Yes you can watch.