Activate OWN TV on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV at


Own Television airs some really good shows focusing mainly on African American lifestyle entertainment. Also, remember when you use to watch Oprah Winfrey show on your tv with cable? Now OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) TV is not constricted to only cable-based device but you can play it’s shows on web, tablet or phone.

As a matter of fact you can watch OWN Television on your favourite digital platforms – like “The ultimate Roku”, android and amazon fire TV. How? By using a simple link – You can have unlimited access to shows 1 day after they will be broadcasted on television.

Do you know that own had a viewership of more than 3,00,000 in the year 2018. Well, the credit goes to amazing content it offers for free and on demand. Now let’s look at 3 step activation process for Roku. Trust us, activating an app was never this easy.

Activation OWN TV on Roku TV at

Roku Tv is popular for all the right reasons. First of all, it has high-definition crystal clear screen which is unmatchable and second it has easy navigations. These two combined features make it totally apt to watch OWN TV. Who more can anyone can ask?

Now let’s dive into 3 steps process on how to manage it on your Roku screen.

(Step – 1 – setting up Roku device and find OWN Television)

  • If you haven’t already, setup your Roku device and see that each connection is strong enough to not cause any disruption. Believing that you have done the setup let’s move towards going on home screen of Roku. On home screen, navigate your way towards search bar and then type the name of application.
  • On the downward side, two options will appear on your screen as you will click on OWN. Click on download. After finishing the downloading part, launch the application.
  • After launching the application an activation code will appear on your television. Write down the Activation code somewhere or remember it (to be used in the 3rd step).

(Step – 2 – Actual activation work goes in)

  • Using any of your personal device, open a browser and new tab (Make sure your internet is connected and that too with same connection as Roku). Now that you have come on your browser, enter a link –
  • After entering your link, you will be directed towards an activation page. This page consists of activation box. Enter in the activation code using your virtual keyboard. After that click on “OK” and then continue. Within few blinks, app will appear on Roku device. You can find it on home screen of your application. If you want to highlight the app, you can place it on top of the screen.

(Step – 3 – Enter in the world of Own Tv)

  • You have the application on your screen, use it as much as you want. But before that you have to log in. For logging in use your ID (Date of birth or mail id) and password.
  • You are now entirely ready to play stream trending shows like “Ready to love” and “Food Fantasies”. So don’t wait anymore because it is for sure that these exciting shows will make you glued to your screens.

Now let’s take a turn towards installing Own TV on Android.

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Activate OWN TV on Android TV

Androids are popular because of how manageable they are with their properties. Imagine how feasible it would be to watch OWN TV on androids. According to a research around 60% of the people in U.S. use android. if we won’t mention how OWN TV is activated on android devices, we won’t do justice to this blog.

Below is a rundown on how to download Own TV On android digitals. You just have to use an easy link – to stream your wish listed shows.

  • Start your android device by switching them on. Once you are all ready with setup go to play store (thousands of applications grace it). As usual type the name of channel that you wish to activate. Click on the first app that will appear on top.
  • You have to download the application and then launch it successfully. Once it will be launched you will receive an activation code. This activation code is different for everyone and is most important part of activation. Note it down somewhere.
  • Go to preferred browser on personal device that you use. After going on browser, write there. Using this link you will soon reach on activation page (refresh in case there is technical issue). Type the activation code where you are prompted.
  • Click on “continue” and then “add channel”. Wait up to few seconds and application will appear on your screen.
  • After opening your favourite app icon, the first thing that will appear is “Log In” page. Log in with your credentials if you are familiar with personal info. Otherwise, you can reset your password through your mail account.

After Roku, android is the device that you should totally go for for watching OWN TV.

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Activate OWN TV on Apple TV at

Now let’s dive into steps to activate own tv on Apple Tv.

  • Firstly start your Apple Tv device and set it up properly. Then go to the Apple app store using your apple tv remote.
  • Among the various applications, you have to go for OWN TV application which you can be directly found by typing name on the search bar. After the search, click on “Install”.
  • After downloading and installing the amazing OWN tv channel, you will be asked to login with your info – you have to type in the Id and password (which should be preserved).
  • Next, you have to deal with the activation code. Do not type any other key because your code may get lost. Be assured of the activation code.
  • This is the most important step in which you will make use of link – You have to insert this link in your browser.
  • In the next step, add the activation code in the asked bar which you received in 4th step.

After this you will be tuned in into your favourite OWN television reality shows. We are sure your spirits will be heightened by watching this channel with Apple Tv superb features.