How to Stream and Activate Pureflix on Roku


You know what pureflix say through their tagline? “Our entertainment is for everyone”. And entertainment is exactly what is meant for every person in the family. You can watch movies like “birdie” and “switched” to spend these indoor days of quarantine. After all what can be better than watching limited pieces of visual content that is wholesome in itself. Today you will go through “comprehensive tips on initiating Pureflix on Roku” through a simple rundown. Pureflix choose the most spiritual content for you and that’s why they have different section – “faith”. And trust us, strengthening faith was never this fun and interesting.

Now let’s look at the subscription plan of Pureflix.

Pureflix Subscription Plans – To Get You Decided

For one month you can see as much content you want for free. That means that around 5 devices can be used to consume vast range of movies, web series, faith content etc. After that you will be asked to choose a plan for your convenience. You get to choose from two subscriptions.

Monthly Subscription – $12.99

Annual subscription – $99.99

The subscription plans are itself screaming that annual subscription is monetarily satisfying. Ofcourse, in the trial you can easily check on quality of content to go for further subscription of any kind. But we bet that you can ever take away your eyes from any show you will watch.

How to Sign Up On Pureflix?

Signing up has a lot of sweet perks. To be precise, by signing up you get a lot of updates in your mail box. You cannot ever complaint that you missed on some special shows or movies.

Below are steps that can help you signing up into your Pureflix account without any fuss.

  • Open your device and go to the default browser. In the browser type (link of the website).
  • Next choose the free trial plan, afterwards select the type of plan you want for yourself – monthly or yearly. Click on continue.
  • You will be asked to put in your credentials and email address next. Further, you have to enter in your bank details (payment can be made only from credit card). Don’t worry, your money will not be debited before trial ends.

Easy Tips to Stream Pureflix on Roku

Roku has many faces- the Roku Ultra, Roku TV 4K models, Roku Premiere+, Roku Express+, Roku Streaming Stick and some more. In a way, roku works for everyone’s needs and affordability.

Many economists consider roku as revolutionary because of it’s low price and simple interface. So that was “what is roku”, now let’s look into brief Pureflix activation process. Afterwards you will learn how t

  • Firstly, turn on the roku device so that activation process can be initiated. Using the remote, move to the home screen.
  • By accessing the main menu, search for “Pureflix channel” on the streaming channel tab. Eventually you have to type the name on the search bar and push the channel name “Pureflix”.
  • An option will appear underneath the name “Add Channel”, click onto it. Within few seconds, the channel will appear as an icon on Roku device.
  • You can delve into the zone of Pureflix by using your log in information (Do not make your password too clumsy).
  • After logging in, you can enjoy the content that is being served by Pureflix.

To make your channel appear on the top of screen, click on “shift channel” on roku remote.

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Access Pureflix Through Screen Mirroring

Remember when you watch a movie on a screen through a projector? Screen mirroring is like that! As the name suggest screen mirroring use a wireless method to mirror screen of your phone to your tv. In this way you can access a lot of content on the biggest devices like television.

Pureflix can be accessed through screen mirroring too through android and your iOS. How? Let’s find out…

  • Open your device (android or iOS) and navigate your way to google app store.
  • Go to search icon and type the name of channel “Pureflix”. You know the drill to download it, simply click on download option. Make sure your internet connection is strong.
  • Now make your way to notification panel and then select “Cast On” option. You will be given a list to cast to – ofcourse you will have to select Roku from those options.
  • Remember that you earlier downloaded the app? Now, launch the same application after the completion of mirroring. You will be prompted to log in your account. Use your Id (often mail) and password.
  • You are now ready to watch the content you like without further thought.

The same process will be followed for both the devices – Android and iOS. This is because both have support of play store. Moreover who knew mirroring was this simple?