Activate and Stream Jazzercise on Demand on Roku


Want to get fit in this time of quarantine? Do you want your exercise sessions to be a lot more fun? Then Jazzercise is just the channel for you! The channel combine music and dance with yoga, Pilates, cardio and much more. According to a study music boost up your confidence while you are getting fit and jazzercise is giving you just that. It has a music library through which each trainer choreographs each fitness session. Just imagine what fun you will have doing exercises on different music rather than dull boring songs. You can definitely stream jazzercise on demand on Roku device with help of minimal steps. How? Let’s find out….

Add and Activate Jazzercise on Demand on Roku

Check out the below steps for adding Jazzercise on “one and the only”

  • Begin the activation process by navigating your way to home screen of Roku television. Of course, you have to do it using a remote by tapping on “home” button.
  • Now go to Roku channel store by using search option. In the search box type “Jazzercise on demand or jazzercise” using virtual keyboard easily.
  • The asked application will appear on your screen, click on it. As soon as you will click on it, a preview and download option will come below application. If you want to have a glance of app you can click on preview otherwise go “download option”.
  • After downloading, you will be asked to launch application. You have to do the same.
  • You got to wait for sometimes and then Jazzercise on demand will be on your Roku platform. Next, you have to login with your personal details to start streaming Jazzercise. Congratulations, now you are all ready now to stream fitness classes on your favourite channel.

Note: Always remember to keep your devices in place where there is strong internet connection. It will definitely speed up your activation process.

Glimpse of Jazzercise on Demand

Since you have activated your jazzercise account now via, it’s time to delve into Jazzercise content. For sure, there is a lot waiting for you.

  • Classes: First section is dedicated to library of music, fitness activities and fitness leaders. You can choose from plethora of trainers by looking at their bios and training experience.
  • Teach: Did you know that you can apply for teaching too! Yes you heard that right, on jazzercise on demand you can teach too if you have relevant polished skills and experience. All is mentioned – where to apply, your wage and schedule.
  • Community – In the community section, you can come across the history of jazzercise (it has been in business for more than 50 years). Even you can check events held by Jazzercise in San Diego and other places. Afterall you should always find about achievements so that you can make up your mind for best.
  • Offers: Nobody wants to miss on discounts and offers. Don’t worry, on the channel you can find some promising offers. How amazing is that right? Getting fit with minimal financial input.

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Subscription Plans of Jazzercise

Before giving you a view of jazzercise plans, it is important to throw some light on it’s worth. To be frank, Jazzercise is worth every single penny of yours! How? First of all, its exercise routines are absolutely free and second these routines stand out from the crowd. It’s time to see what’s the monthly and yearly plan for jazzercise on demand.

  • For a month it would cost you $19.99 which is quite great of a deal.
  • For 10 days it would cost you $39 as offer.
  • There is no such yearly plan for jazzercise.

That was most of the information on what you can play on jazzercise, where you can play it and how you can play it.

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