How to Add and Stream Facebook On Roku Device?

A technological and social networking company, Facebook. Facebook can be used to socialize and exchange images, links, videos, articles, and more. The most popular social media platform on the planet is Facebook, which also owns Instagram and WhatsApp.


Facebook is a great marketing tool with the capacity to post advertisements to reach a wider audience. It is more than simply a social media platform. Despite being the most widely used social media site, there is not an official Facebook app for Roku. If you want to access Facebook on your Roku, there are other possibilities.

How to Use Facebook on Roku? 

Since Facebook is not available on the Roku platform, the best way to use Facebook on a Roku TV is by using Facebook screen castings.

  • To connect your smartphone and Roku to the same WIFI network:
  • Return to the Roku home screen. Select the Setting option by pressing the home button on the.
  • Remote From the Setting menu, Choose System option Choose Prompt or Always Allow.
  • Screen Mirroring options It will begin searching for nearby devices; once your device has been found, click on it.
  • Your smartphone is now ready for screen mirroring or casting.
  • On your smartphone, download and start the Facebook App. You can now cast to your Roku TV
  • On your Roku TV, you can directly watch Facebook Live and Stories.

You cannot watch Facebook on Roku, but if you want to watch Facebook on TV, you need to get a streaming device that works with Facebook.


If you have a Roku TV, you can stream Facebook live and stories on your TV. However, you cannot view Facebook directly on your Roku TV. You must install a third-party application like Facebook screen castings to do this. This allows you to see Facebook on your TV without going through the hassle of installing an app. I hope this blog will help you.

Frequently Asked Question:-

Can I stream Facebook Live on Roku?

Yes, you can stream Facebook Live content on your TV.

How to stream Facebook Watch on Roku?

Click on the Facebook Watch tab on the Facebook app to stream your favourite videos.

How to put Facebook on Roku Stick?

You cannot download the Facebook app on any Roku device as it is unavailable on the Roku Channel Store. You can only mirror the Facebook app from your smartphone.

What streaming devices support Facebook?

You can now use Apple TV and Firestick to use Facebook on TV.

How to watch Facebook Live on Roku?

In this article, you can watch Facebook live video on your Roku with any of the above methods. Note that you cannot control the video on the Roku device.

Can I Airplay Facebook to Roku?

Yes. You can screen mirror to Facebook on Roku Streaming Device Roku or Airplay Facebook from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Does Roku have a Facebook app? 

No. There is no official Facebook app made for Roku streaming devices. 

Why isn’t Facebook on Roku? 

Facebook is currently compatible with smartphones and is available as a web version only. Since accessing social apps on intelligent TV is difficult, Roku is not available on Roku.