Activate Apple Music on Roku TV, Android TV and Fire TV


Music is all we need to be motivated, have fun and for exercise sessions. A world without music is like a human without oxygen. Subsequently what can be better than apple music when we are talking about different genres of music like classical, western, retro or pop. Apple music is an audio and video streaming service which is owned by Apple Inc. This blog will be your guide in activating Apple music on Roku devices and digital streaming platforms via

We have something more to make you happy – “Apple music new subscribers get a six-month free music period”. Who knew such fun could cost nothing? Also, you can make your own lists of interesting music so that you don’t have to search for them separately. On a whole you have songs for every mood so why listen to same old-beats?

Apple music versatility is not limited to music. You can even activate the app on different devices such as Roku device, Android TV and Amazon Fire Tv. Now let’s dive into how to Install Apple music on roku device. In between you will also get to see some facts related to Apple music.

Get Apple Music on Roku Device via

Apart from streaming movies and web series, Roku device also supports vast library of music. Roku device comes with a user friendly simple remote and best features that have ever graced a streaming device.

You can surely get a lot of top recommendations as part of coming into the Roku world. Likewise, roku keeps on engaging the users with it’s build on features and free content. Roku device service is truly commendable because they have come a long way since establishment. From the very first generation to 9th generation, they have made changes in their interface for comfortable user experience.

Now let’s find out how you can install Apple music on your favourite Roku device so that you get the best of both worlds.

  • Turn on your Roku TV and reach to the home screen using your device remote.
  • Browse the app on the search bar by entering in the app name. After that, click on “get app” to download it on your device.
  • Launch the application securely. After launching, sign in with your proper credentials. As soon as you will enter in, you will see a personalized activation code. Remember this code or note it.
  • Now that you have personal code with you, open your laptop or mobile. Go to an accessible browser and push in the link
  • Following the instructions type in the activation code and click on “Next” or “Continue”.
  • Wait for some time and your Roku platform will be all ready to play your priority song list.

We promised you that this piece will familiarise you with some optimistic Apple Music facts. After all, a little more information never hurts anyone.

Apple Music Fact 1: Apple music is available on android devices too minus some radio. So even if androids fall short on other services of Apple, apple music always awaits.

Now considering above situation, it’s ideal to talk about Android tv next in the realms of virtual devices.

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Activate Apple Music on Android TV

Can you imagine an app where top hits of Beyonce, Lorde, The Beatles and many other are housed. It is truly an amalgamation of different cultures through chart busted songs.

It would be appropriate to say that we need world united right now in pandemic – And what better instrument than some multicultural awestruck music. You can get apple music on Android tv through few steps that are not at all complex.

Below is the minimal process to activate Apple music on Android tv.

  • Setup your Android tv by connecting it your source device. After keeping it in the “on mode”, go the play store.
  • Type in the words “Apple Music” in the search bar and push the “ok” button for get your hands on app. Download Apple music.
  • Since channel is downloaded, launch it effectively. After launching and running Apple music Log in to your account with appropriate ID and password.
  • An activation code will pop on your screen, write it down somewhere.
  • Go to your browser and add the link there –
  • Proceeding link will ask you the activation code. Following the instructions, process code successfully.
  • In last step, you have to click on “Add channel” and then “Continue”.

Apple Music Fact 2: Since Apple has Siri, you can take advantage of it to play music. You can just say “Play music from following movie” and that particular song will make entry on your screen.

Down below is the entire A-Z of Apple music installation on Amazon Fire Tv. These steps include an important link –

Install Apple Music on Amazon Fire TV

There should be something to match the quality of songs and amazon fire Tv is just that companion. It comes with engrained HD picture that is just supreme, best to play music and watch videos too.

Now below are is a small guide on “how to install Apple Music on Amazon Fire Tv”.

  • Be sure you have proper Internet setup on the device to navigate to Amazon Store and download, install Apple music.
  • Now that you have installed Apple Music application on Amazon Fire Tv, launch the application. It will prompt you to fill in your credentials for signing in. You will receive an activation code soon after you are done doing that.
  • Note down the code to be used later. Ensure that you are accessing the page on a different device. Both your browser and device must be connected to the mutual internet connection (recommended for better). Type in the link and enter activation code for live and on-demand music streaming.

Hope these steps were helpful to you. Enjoy your music to the extreme!

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